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A jazz-poetic music project, which turned from a series of concerts into a music album filled with original compositions to texts by Polish poets.


Debut music album

These are extraordinary stories enclosed in poems by famous and unknown Polish poets.

Stories about hope, journey, self-discovery, dreams and... love.

These are Słowacki, Asnyk, Leśmian, Gałczyński and Brzechwa and other Polish poets told once again, through the music of young composers.

The album is Margo Promińska's debut album, where you can hear not only her voice, but also her own compositions.


The songs were recorded in cooperation with the Sound and Wave studio and a band of musicians: Paweł Lipski, Wojciech Gumiński and Radosław Mysłek.



Vocals : Margo Promińska

Piano : Paweł Lipski

Double bass : Wojciech Gumiński

Drums : Radosław Mysłek


Recording: Jakub Krukowski, Sound&Wave

Recording editing: Krzysztof Ptak

Mix and mastering : Michał Bereza


Graphic design : Magdalena Skoczeń

Photos : Anita Wąsik-Płocińska

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