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Who am I?

The earth without art is just 'eh'

My first profession and greatest love was music, that along with related artistic directions, determined my entire life path.

Regardless of whether I play, teach, create graphic creations or write texts, the most important thing for me is that, in addition to the effectiveness of these activities , I create a work of art . Although, sometimes it is quite a challenge .

Create to make the world a little better every day

A very important element for me is the belief in the meaning of my own work and making sure not to exceed the boundaries of professional ethics and my own morality. For this reason, I fully devote myself to all foundation, environmental and artistic projects.

The land of imagination

My most noticeable feature is a positive view of the world and imagination , which helps me make it a little more colorfull every day. If you don't have a creative idea - ask me. I'll give you at least five of them :)



Social Media

Social media is my thing. I easily adapt my communication to the recipients . I conducted activities on various topics : animals, technology, culinary, cosmetics, tourism, art. Premium customer service is no secret to me, and I eat RTMs for breakfast .

Copywrite | SEO

I can create texts in any style and on any topic . I also know how to use SEO well in content. Today an article about photovoltaics, tomorrow about trends in dog nutrition? No problem!


I co-created projects with the rich media agency , where I was responsible for creative concepts for the expand premium and mobile formats.


I create original projects that help me develop my video and music creation skills. I have also used my voice in advertising songs, jingles and voiceovers many times during agency projects .




Creating graphic, video and copy creations, implementing advertising campaigns, moderation, contact with clients

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Running social media channels, graphic concepts, copy


Running social media channels, graphic concepts, copy